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Deliberate Downplaying of COVID-19 and Elimination of Bio-Defense Office, signs of Glaring Incompetence.

The result of 'Deliberate DOWNPLAYING' of COVID-19 from this Administration and Republican Leadership and Elimination of National Council for Bio-Defense, is a Country with the Most COVID-19 infection in the World.

The Lack of Preparation is becoming More Deadly than COVID-19. This is evidence by lack of Personal Protective Equipments (PPE's) and Ventilators. Many of our frontliners (Doctors, Nurses, ect.) are in grave danger and some already paid with their lives from fighting this deadly virus. It is despicable to watch this Administrations and Republican leadership congratulate each other and promote a narrative of great success while United States has become the country with the Most Infection (300,028) from COVID-19.

Lack of COVID-19 TESTING: At the onset of this pandemic in early January,  China released data that people with NO SYMPTOMS are also testing Positive for COVID-19. With this information, why would anyone device a protocol to 'Require Symptoms & History of Travel' before you can be tested. This is a deliberate manipulation of facts by limiting the confirmed positive covid-19 infections. Today, COVID-19 is spreading rapidly and putting Healthcare Workers at Risk because infected people don't even know they are infected. American people can easily help mitigate the spread if they have access to COVID-19 testing. It will allow them to self-quarantine if they have conclusive data of infection.

MASK REQUIREMENTS: Because of lack of preparation and limited PPE's, this administration device a protocol that wearing Mask in Public is Not Necessary. Today, many healthcare professionals are now suggesting that transmission of COVID-19 is possible when talking in close range with an infected person. Devicing Infection Protocol Based on your Lack of Preparation or incompetence has made this virus more deadly than it has to be.

This Administration and Republican Leadership is now Weaponizing Press Conferences to Promote False Narratives and continues to Grade their Own Work while Blaming Governors for their failure to prepare for this threat. Just see the contrast when Governors constantly praises our frontliners (Doctors, Nurses, ect.) and provide transparent update on their daily briefing, and watch this administrations daily Self-Glorification press conferences.

Today, Governors are now competing for the same equipment and driving the prices of these medical devices up to more than double of their original price. The INCOMPETENCE of this Administration and current Republican Leadership has created an environment of pitting Governors against each other.

The previous administration created the 'National Security Council for BIODEFENSE (PANDEMIC)'. which is responsible for preparing our country from these types of threats. Unfortunately, the current administration DISBANDED this office after it was warned of dangerous exposure to a potential pandemic if they proceed to closing this department. It is time to make 'America Smart Again'.

This is also about SCIENCE and MATH. Let's assume that every person in a country eliminates this virus except for one, that single person can transfer the virus and incubation period starts back again. If there is no proven data that people who contracted this virus develops immunity from it then the cycle continues. We will have more information about this virus in the future and learning its characteristics is our only chance to defeat it.

Awareness and more testing is the best way to prevent more damage from this coronavirus outbreak, and the assurance we need to get people back to working and society start functioning normally. There is no reason why anyone should prevent testing other than deliberate manipulation of reality and facts in order to appear competent in handling this pandemic.

Finally, the only way to fight this outbreak is proper contact tracing, and more testing. More COVID-19 TESTING is our only way to contain this virus and our only hope to going back to our normal lives.


Infection - 300,028    *     Death - 8,137

It's another sweep for Joe Biden on Super Tuesday III

The former Vice President picked up primary wins in Arizona, Florida and Illinois, padding a significant delegate lead over fellow presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. In a victory speech from his home in Delaware, Biden showed interest in uniting Democratic voters, telling Sanders voters he and the Vermont senator had different tactics but common goals on major issues like health care, income inequality and climate change. 

Speaking from his home in Vermont, Sanders largely ignored the night's results, and urged supporters to focus on the economic crisis looming over the country in the shadow of the coronavirus threat. It was no surprise that Biden walked away with the full hand. Polls had him leading in all three voting states, and a recent CNN poll found a majority of voters in yesterday's primary states would trust Biden in a crisis over Sanders.


Joe Biden - 1,086

Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. (born November 20, 1942) is an American politician who served as the 47th vice president of the United States from 2009 to 2017. Biden also represented Delaware in the U.S. Senate from 1973 to 2009.

Bernie Sanders - 772

Bernard Sanders (born September 8, 1941) is an American politician who has served as the junior United States Senator from Vermont since 2007. The U.S. Representative for the state's at-large congressional district from 1991 to 2007.

Race to 1,991 Delegate Count

Upcoming Primaries:
April 4, 2020 - Participating states: Alaska, Hawaii, Wyoming
April 7, 2020 - Participating states: Wisconsin
April 28, 2020 - Participating states: Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island

How Corrupt Leaders Weaponize Fake News and attract Support from People They Hurt The Most. 

HEALTHCARE: This is the number one issue that directly affect most Americans today. The Democrats are desperately trying to help americans by promoting a 'Medicare for All, or Medicare for All Who Wants it' program. The purpose is to  provide help with the rising cost of healthcare in America. But the Republican leadership is vehemently opposing this idea by telling you that the gov't is not the solution to your healthcare problems. The problem with simply opposing Democrats, it will not help anyone in this country about to lose their insurance coverage. 

This fight started in 2008 when President Obama was elected, and Republican leadership decided to oppose everything Obama was doing, including Affordable Healthcare Act or Obamacare. Simply opposing Obamacare without offering an alternative is not going to help Americans on how to reduce their monthly premiums, secure coverage for pre-existing conditions, and prevent insurance companies from getting out of their responsibility for paying benefits.

On top of opposing the Obamacare, Republican governors deliberately refused federal money intended to help families pay their insurance premiums under Obamacare. Their goal was to make you suffer and create a story that Obamacare has failed. If you lose a love one, a friend, or suffered because of your inability to get proper insurance coverage, it's time to change leadership in the Senate and White House.

If you are paying high monthly insurance premiums, or currently battling an illness which party is likely to help you?

ECONOMY: The Republican leadership has passed the biggest tax break in history and handed out the biggest tax free money to the biggest earners in the country. This is also supported by the rise of stock value in record levels. In fact, after passing this massive tax break, the President spoke at Mar A Lago in Florida and told his friends, 'You all just got a lot richer'.

With the biggest tax break in history and people invested in wall street getting a lot richer, my question to you is, what did you get?

ENVIRONMENT: The Democrats have been sounding the alarm regarding 'Climate Change' for several years now. This narrative is also supported by severe weather conditions globally. But the Republican leadership is saying it is 'fake news', and we should not consider changing our energy source from fossil fuel to renewables.

If the Democrats are wrong on 'Climate Change', we get Clean Air, Clean Water, and Less Reliance on Fossil Fuel. But, if Republican leadership are wrong, we are fxxk!!!

IMMIGRATION & WAR ON DRUGS: The Republican leadership wants you to believe that the reason why we have so many illegal immigrants is because of a weak border wall. The problem with this narrative is 95-98% of illegal immigrants we have in this country came in legally, and did not have to climb any border walls. Most of illegal immigrants currently living in our country are tourists who overstayed their visas. They came in by planes and interviewed by an immigration officer, or a border immigration officer.

How can you support a solution that is only focus 2-5% of the problem.

The Republican leadership also suggests, these illegal immigrants are stealing your jobs. Many of illegal immigrants are working in industries that could abuse them like, farms, restaurants, labor-intensive manual jobs.

Question, when was the last time you applied to 'pick strawberries' on a farm, 'wash dishes' in restaurants, or 'clean cars' in a carwash?

The Republican leadership also suggests, that people coming from southern border are drug dealers, murderers, rapists, etc. It is not fake news to say that you will find these type of people crossing the southern border. What is fake, is to say, that most of them are.

DRUG TRADE: Just like in any business the success of any company will depend on the demand of its product. If there is no demand for your product or service your business will cease to exist.

Question, who do you believe is the number one consumer of drugs produced south of the border?

The Republican leadership will immediately attack this narrative as 'blaming the american people'. The reality is, the drug lords south of our border are now filthy rich because 'someone' is buying their products. Try answering who that 'someone' is. 

Question, What is my evidence? Answer: China

China is now the second largest economy in the world because americans buy their products. So, it is not fake news to suggests that drug lords south of the border are now filthy rich because we are buying their products.

MORAL ISSUES: The ability of Republican leadership to convince the religious community that 'separating infants from their parents' is okay, is horrifyingly unbelievable. The silence of 'Christian Leaders' about this moral issue is deafening. The signature issue of this group is, 'protecting the life of the unborn'. This is why it is amazing to watch this so called, 'Christian Right', not outrage about 'family separation'. It is probably safe to say that Jesus would say, What a Bunch of Hypocrites!

Finally, if you are still confused on which platform to support let this be your guide, "Verily, I say to you, Inasmuch as ye have done it to one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it to me".

Allow Kindness to Form Your Ideology

Love of country does not mean you have to support policies that are mean spirited and sometimes downright hateful to immigrants, specially horrific separation of minor children from their parents. It is okay to love your country and be accommodating to people seeking a better future for themselves and their children.

Today, extremism is masquerading as nationalism. It has infected our local politics and spreading around the world. The problem with extreme ideology is, it is the enemy of compromise and the bride of conflict. Peace and Harmony are the casualties of extremism.

Despite my strong feelings about people who have extreme ideology, I also believed that many of these people who support policies that are mean spirited to other race or religion has the capacity to be kind. Their politics maybe extreme but, when given the opportunity to help, many of them will also voluntarily help.

Life will give you enough reason to always justify division and hateful policies, but always allow KINDNESS to form your IDEOLOGY and not the other way around..

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