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United States of America #1 in the World in Covid-19 Infection at 2,879,923 and Death Toll at 131,977

As of July 3, 2020

This Current Administration Made United States of America #1 in Infection and Death from COVID-19, and Vladimir Putin Great Again!

The combination of this Administration Leadership and Blind Support from Republican Loyalists has resulted in the most Devastating Death Toll from COVID19. The conduct of this administration made sure Vladimir Putin will remain in control of Russia until year 2036. Today, Russian Bounties has killed and continues to endanger the Lives of American Soldiers in Afghanistan, it is the latest mutation of this Administration's Glaring Incompetence.

From Downplaying of this threat at the onset of this global pandemic, to Lack of PPE's and Covid-19 Testing, to Hydroxychloroquine and Injecting DisinfectantRushing to Reopen Economy, to Emboldening (potentially) White Supremacists in Uniform, and now Russian Bounties over the Lives of American Soldiers

American political disputes could be intense but it always end when it is endangering the lives of our brave men and women in uniform. Last week we found out that this administration was briefed regarding russian bounties offering talibans money in exchange for the life of American Soldiers in combat in Afghanistan. This administration went on full mode denial and taking no responsibility for this matter. This tragic scenario can only happen when you have BLIND SUPPORT from legions of loyalists.

The danger of creating legions of 'LOYALISTS' that adheres to the concept of 'Blind Loyalty' and willing to risk their own life just to support an individual or party. To loyalists, seeking clean air, water, and protecting the environment becomes a 'political agenda', rather than basic human fight for self preservation. Today, loyalists of this Administration sees the head of CDC and Evidence Based Approach as threat to their well being and treat the people who are trying to protect them as enemies. Loyalists to this administration now sees 'Wearing Masks' as another 'Political Agenda', rather than mere self-protection and protection of people around you.

How do I know how loyalists behave and how they think, because I grew up with parents who are loyalists. But, there are signs that following a political figure blindly is more prevalent in 'older generation' and not likely on younger ones. I used to share the mindset of my parents but I was able to open my views and realized that I really don't conform to the idea of supporting a political figure or party no matter what. I also don't see this type of mindset on my children. 

There is a smart way to re-open our economy but it should be based on science and recommendations from smart people and not from politicians or media host that acts as political strategists of this Administration.

Finally, the only way to reopen communities is to conduct more covid-19 testing, and proper contact tracing. This is our only chance to mitigate damages from this deadly virus and the smart way to reopening our communities.

Fake Faith vs Real Faith

I think it is important for us to read what the bible actually says about having REAL FAITH vs FAKE FAITH.

1. REAL FAITH is More Than Just What I SAY
- JESUS: “Dear brothers and sisters, what's the use of SAYING you have faith if you don't prove it by your actions? That kind of faith can't save anyone!” James 2:14
- JESUS: “Not everyone who SAYS that I am their Lord is going to enter the kingdom of heaven. The only people who’ll enter heaven are those who DO what my Father in heaven want. Matthew 7:21

2. REAL FAITH is More Than EMOTIONS I Feel
“Suppose you see a brother or sister who needs food or clothing, and you say to them, ‘I wish you well! I FEEL FOR YOU and I hope you stay warm and eat well!’ but then you DO nothing to meet their needs. What good does your sympathy DO? It’s worth nothing! In the same way, faith, if it is not accompanied by action, doesn’t work. It’s dead and useless!” James 2:15-17

3. REAL FAITH is More Than An Idea I DEBATE
“Now someone may argue, ‘Isn’t it possible that some people have good faith while other people DO good deeds?’ But I say, ‘No! I can't see your real faith if you don't DO any real deeds to SHOW ME!’ In contrast, I CAN SHOW YOU my faith by the good things I DO!” James 2:18

4. REAL FAITH is More Than The Truth I BELIEVE
“Now, you say ‘Well, I BELIEVE there is a God,’ and I say ‘Good for you!’ But even the demons believe THAT and are afraid! It’s foolish to not realize that faith in God is useless if you don’t DO what he wants you to DO.” James 2:19-20

5. REAL FAITH is Something I DO
“Just as a body without a spirit doesn’t breathe and is dead, so faith that doesn't DO anything is just as dead!” James 2:26

We have witnessed an individual posing for a photo op holding a bible for everyone to see while giving instructions to clear out peaceful protestors in order get to that location to shoot that photo op. It is amazing to watch people who call themselves Christians buy into this type of a scheme and completely fall for mere appearances of being good, or FAKE FAITH.

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Residents of Palm Beach County in Florida erupted in anger at a commissioner's meeting after an unanimous vote to make masks mandatory.

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