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Serve a purpose greater than yourself


United States has 8,426,147 Infection and 229,145 Death from Covid-19.

The combination of this Administration Incompetent Leadership and Blind Support from Republican Loyalists and Enablers has resulted in the Most Devastating Infection and Death in the World from COVID-19. China, where this Global Pandemic Started has a Death Toll of 4,634 compare that to USA at 229,145 ..a Devastating Result from Absolute Incompetent Leadership.

The President tweeted, "Liberate Michiganafter learning of the 'Kidnapping Plot' against Michigan Governor. How could any God-Fearing individual accept this type of behaviour?

During the first debate, the President refuses to condemn white supremacists groups on several opportunities. Instead, the President called them 'PROUD BOYS', and asked them, 'to Stand Back and Stand By'. Another Despicable Act from a Self-Absorbed President!

The President and his loyalist is now creating an environment where it is okay to harm leaders that believes in science and recommendations by medical community. The idea of wearing mask is to protect each other. Today, it seen by loyalists as a justification to hurt people who believes in science. This is a continuing mutation of their GLARING INCOMPETENCE in handling of this global pandemic.

From Downplaying of COVID-19 at the onset of this global pandemic, to Lack of PPE's and Covid-19 Testing, to Hydroxychloroquine and Injecting Disinfectant, Rushing to Reopen Economy, to Emboldening (potentially) White Supremacists in Uniform, to Russian Bounties over the Lives of American Soldiers, absolute defiance on Wearing MasksForcing Teachers and Schools to ReopenPromoting Falsehood Manufactured by Russian Trolls, and now, Using the Appointed Officials to Potentially Purge Votes at Mail-In Ballots.

The danger of creating legions of 'LOYALISTS' that adheres to the concept of 'Blind Loyalty' and willing to risk their own life just to support an individual or party. To loyalists, seeking clean air, water, and protecting the environment becomes a 'political agenda', rather than basic human fight for self preservation. Today, loyalists of this Administration sees SCIENCE and Evidence Based Approach as threat to their well being and treat the people who are trying to protect them as enemies. Loyalists to this administration now sees 'Wearing Masks' as another 'Political Agenda', rather than mere self-protection and protection of people around you.

How do I know how loyalists behave and how they think, because I grew up with parents who are loyalists. But, there are signs that following a political figure blindly is more prevalent in 'older generation' and not likely on younger ones. I used to share the mindset of my parents but I was able to open my views and realized that I really don't conform to the idea of supporting a political figure or party no matter what. I also don't see this type of mindset on my children.

There is a smart way to re-open our economy but it should be based on science and recommendations from smart people and not from politicians or media host that acts as political strategists of this Administration.

Finally, the only way to reopen communities is to conduct more covid-19 testing, and proper contact tracing. This is our only chance to mitigate damages from this deadly virus and the smart way to reopening our communities.

Social Distancing, Quarantine, and Plagues in Bible Times

2 Chronicles 26:21 - "King Uzziah has a contagious skin disease for the rest of his life and has to live in quarantine. He was not permitted to set foot in the Temple of God".

Psalm 38:11 - "My friends and companions must keep their distance because of my plague. Even my relatives must stay far away". 

Note: Social Distancing and Wearing of Masks in order to protect the people around you is not a political plot to take away your rights. It is simply a discipline design to mitigate the spread of this aggressive virus.

When do plagues happen in the bible?

- When we ignore God's rules for living.

Psalm 106:13-15 - "The people soon forgot God and what he'd done for them, and they wouldn't wait for God's plan. Instead, they became greedy and the let their cravings run wild. They tested God's patience. So God gave them what they wanted but sent a plague along with it."

Note: Most diseases are caused by our lifestyle choices

- When We Allow Injustice and Inequality.

Jeremiah 34:15-17 - God: " A short time ago, you repented and did what was right. You freed your countrymen who had been slaves. You even made a covenant with me about this in my Temple. But now you've changed your mind and dishonored me. You've enslaved them again in a new slavery. Therefore, here's what I'm going yo do: Since you've disobeyed me by not giving freedom to all your countrymen, I'm going to give you some 'freedom' - the freedom to die by war or a plague or famine. And you will be considered a disgrace by the other nations of the world."

Note: After this statement from God: He allowed King Nebuchadnezzar to Enslave Israel for The Next 70 years.

- When Leaders Sin and Disobeyed God Everybody Under His Care Gets Hurt.

1 Chronicles 21:17 - David said to God, " Was it not I who ordered the fighting men to be counted? I, the shepherd, have sinned and done wrong. These are but sheep. What have they done? Lord my God, let your hand fall on me and my family, but do not let this plague remain on your people."

Note: About 70,000 people have died on this plague

Finally, in this time of pandemic with a severely contagious virus spreading globally, nothing says more 'you love your neighbor as yourself', than wearing a masks.

In the midst of a global pandemic we need to choose LOVE over HATE!

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